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When on a product page, choose the options under type of prescription. Fill out the form and submit it

The cost of the lenses varies depending on the prescription and any added treatments (such as anti-blue light filter) and is added to the price of the frame. You will find all the details before you check out.

We use only premium quality  lenses for our prescription glasses.
Zeiss DuraVision® Silver UV anti-reflective coating is complimentary and gives you:

  • a sharper and more comfortable vision
  • zero reflections on the lens
  • increased strength and durability
  • ease of cleaning thanks to the anti-static outer layer that repels dust and lint.

If you have a preference when it comes to lens thickness, please tell our Customer Service
team. We will confirm if they are compatible with your prescription and the model you have

You can also add blue light filter to your prescription lenses. Blue light filter lenses reduce
eye strain from cell phones, computers and other digital screens, help balance natural
biorhythms and improve sleep quality.

Requesting prescription lenses takes 3 to 6 days (depending on the prescription and any extra treatments, such as blue light filter), which is in addition to the shipping time of the frame.

Our Customer Service team will notify you of the exact delivery date when they send your quote.

Occhio House Lens Care is an extended warranty that covers the risk of accidental lens damage and any technical service, repair and replacement. You can purchase it together with your prescription lenses. The service costs 20 euros.

How Occhio House Lens Care works

If a lens covered by Occhio House Lens Care accidentally breaks, cracks or is damaged in a way that compromises your vision, you can get up to two replacements or repairs at no additional cost.

When the accident occurs, contact us right away with your Occhio House Lens Care receipt on hand to activate the service procedure. We’ll ask you for some details about the lenses under warranty and the damage, and then ask you to send the glasses so we can replace the lenses.

What is excluded from the warranty

This warranty does not cover:

  • damage to the frame (and generally to eyeglass parts or accessories other than the lenses)
  • intentional damage or damage caused by improper use of the glasses or lenses,
    modifications or alterations
  • damage that does not prevent proper vision, such as fine cracks, scratches, or minor
  • any work, repairs or replacements not made by Occhio House
  • the loss or theft of the lenses
  • damage due to defects in design or concerning materials (this is already covered by the legal
    consumer protection warranty).