About Occhio House

What we believe

Here at Occhio we strive to create opportunities for everyone to experience the

pleasure of being their best self. We believe in eyewear that enhances and
heightens your appearance beyond simply ‘good’. Average isn’t tolerable to us
and neither are the selections we offer – we want to inspire self confidence in
our clients and nothing sets off a face better than a superlative pair of
sunglasses or eye glasses.

Occhio pioneers the way forward for high-end optical boutiques – we pride
ourselves in our extensive range of luxury brands and niche designers. All our
frames are hand selected by our experienced buying team with decades of

Occhio, established in 1995 has become the leading boutique for eyewear lovers in the Mediterranean.

Where we are going

Having established Occhio as the go to boutique for eyewear lovers in the Mediterranean, due to repeated requests from clients around the world, we are proud to bring that spirit to the global community.





Nothing can replace the experience of choosing a pair of glasses in a high-end optical boutique. The pleasure of trying them on, feeling the quality of material and receiving hands-on expert advice.

We bring our knowledge of optics and a warm, welcoming approach to the online shopping experience. We make it seamless, aspirational and reliable. 

–  Akis Dimou

Co-Founder & CEO of Occhio House

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